Karen Meyer, Author  

Historical Biography and Christian Fiction for Children

Workshops Available

Karen Meyer enjoys sharing her interest in history with young people and adults alike. Her own interest began in Ohio history classes during her school years. Her books, Conflict at Chillicothe, Battle at Blue Licks and Missing at Marietta bring the reader into the action, a key to sparking a love for history. When you schedule an author visit for your group, you may choose an activity that will suit a current study or excite a new area of interest. Allow at least an hour to complete an activity.

The Ohio Frontier History Lady (otherwise known as Grandma Sarah) will come in costume to conduct your group via time travel to the year 1780. On the Ohio frontier at that time, settlers made or grew nearly everything they needed. During a hands-on project, the History Lady will interact with your group about this aspect of life among early frontier settlers.

Soap making takes about 30 minutes. Students help stir. Each one gets a finished bar of lye soap to take home.

Each pouch, about 3” X 5,” is laced using a blunt needle. Provide helpers to assure that each one gets assistance as needed. Each one gets an arrowhead to keep in his pouch. Fee $3.00 per pouch.


First person talk about life on the Ohio frontier in 1780. Grandma Sarah brings many artifacts, models and toys to illustrate pioneer times. Pioneer Bob shows a muzzle-loading rifle, needed for hunting and protection from Indians.


Grandma Sarah fee  $125.00 
Homeschool groups may ask for special rates.

Invite Karen for a Power Point presentation showing the background history of
the Underground Railroad in Ohio. This takes 30 minutes. Fee is $100.

HOW DID PIONEERS spend their time? Working hard to produce nearly everything from scratch took up many hours of the day. Yet they took time for social events, like weddings, funerals, and dances. They enjoyed contests of skill, such as shooting matches, races, or wrestling. On the Lord’s Day, they gathered to hear a preacher, perhaps an itinerant who served several congregations. Children’s toys were simple wooden toys whittled on a winter evening.
Karen Meyer's Midgrade Novels are Published by Sable Creek Press